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  • The most beautiful stone shapes are formed as the result of spreading the lava of the Erciyes and Hasan mounts some natural events, such as, coined, rain, aped these tufa stones and fairy chimneys came into existence by this way Also, the underground part of these tufa stones are taken out by our business enterprises the result of pressure, heat moisture and used as the structural elements which are in various colors.

  • Some characteristics of these stones are given as following; Saf and moist while taking out of the bed easily processible, so hard by the effects of the sun lights that cannot be gotten a little whole. In Nevşehir Damat ibrahim Paşa Külliyesi, is the oldest example from the times of Selçuklu Though hundred years had passed, there isn’t any little damages and no deficiency in into quality.

  • Our producing place is the centre of Cappadocia, 4,35 Milles to Nevsehir, in the Karayazı place. Our company started to work in 1964 and our workers efforts are most important for us firstly, our works ware related to a locality .Then, we gradually spread to all cities. And filially, in 1981, by the help of technological assistances, we started to produce with modern cutting machines. Day bay day, we are adding some new things to ourselves and we are using the most technological machines so, the ratio of our produced stones in a day increases to the number of 5000. Our stones have many riches in color, esthetic and design and vied in building such as; hotel, masque, house, home, pension, etc. And these stones cold extra beauties to the building which they are used.

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